Oкружить себя собственным миром, устроиться поудобнее, побаловать себя - как это знакомо! 

We surround ourselves in our own worlds. Self absorbed. Indulged.  So familiar!

In this new series entitled "Egoism" I wanted to show how often people are concerned with their own well being without noticing what is happening around them.  They think that nothing will affect them, nothing will disturb them, if they just ignore it and figuratively "close the door".

To convey the idea, I explore contrasts and opposites visually; tranquillity and the uncontrollable forces of nature; permanence and transience; drama and peacefulness, and I represent them in colour (familiar and thrilling for the characters) and monochrome (everything that they subconsciously retreat from).

I am contrasting the "seen" worlds of normal people and the "unseen" remote dramatic landscapes inspired by my recent travels to Lanzarote (Canary Islands).  These juxtapositions are the basis of perception and are powerful tools for me.

I try to convey the dramatic effects and atmosphere, a specific sense of time and the feeling of something familiar to everyone.  Open spaces give vulnerability to my characters.  Intrusive and aggressive forms are the boundaries between their comfort zone and the outside world, feelings and anxiety.

A common motif of the series are the mosaic tiles that are ever present in my travels through Spain.  They express a balance between opposites and a foundation for the characters, and add a decorative note and colour to the compositions.